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How To Fix Your Car’s Foggy Headlights

Over a time your car headlights become cloudy as the plastic that is used for headlights gets degraded and becomes cloudy. The headlights will not shine like before that is why it is important to restore foggy headlights. Restoring cloudy headlights can improve the clarity so that you can see the light clearly at night. If you are looking for an easy and comparatively affordable way to improve the car’s cloudy headlights, then it is important to learn how the experts clear up the cloudy headlights.

An on-site mechanic says that the restoration of car headlights can only make the car stand out and nothing else can do it. If you are not performing preventive maintenance, then gradually the car headlights get foggy because constantly the sun’s ultraviolet rays fall on the car and the headlights of the car are the most affected as they get cloudy, foggy, or form yellowish color on the plastic and reduces the shine.

Repairing Cloudy Headlights

You can find various methods to restore or repair cloudy headlights, including home remedies and Do it yourself (DIY) products accessible in stores. But, the professional on-site mechanic says that these options offer a temporary solution but they do not provide a permanent fix.

The Detailer Hoffman says that the products that you can get for 20 to 30 dollars can make the headlights look good just for a day or two, and again you have to the solutions to make it look good, and it is a continuous process, not a permanent solution. Also, he says, even the top brands work for a week or two, but again the headlights look cloudy.

However, each on-site mechanic uses different methods and technique to restore headlights, but everyone starts with sandpaper with fine-grain to take away the thin plastic layer of the headlight cover. Using a 400-grit sandpaper is the best choice to take off the oxidized layer on the plastic cover, and once the layer is removed, then remove the oxidized layer with ultra-fine sandpaper with 2,000-grit.

The Hoffman says that this process will actually take off the part of the plastic completely. The Mark Ellis, owner of Jewel Auto Care located in Manassas, Virginia says that he uses 3-grades of fine sandpaper. He says that he polishes the surface to protect it with a sealant to protect from UV-rays as it contains UV protection.

Also, the Hoffman suggests that toothpaste is also a famous home remedy as it can significantly remove the cloudiness and brighten up the headlights; however, this method also does not last long. He says, toothpaste can make the headlight bright but it lasts some time, but the cloudiness will reappear soon.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration not just makes your car look new and stand out, but also it is much safer. The on-site mechanic says foggy headlights gradually decrease the amount of light from the headlights. He says the customers are always feeling the difference once their car headlight is restored. It definitely makes a big difference when you are driving at night. It is because the cloudy headlights dissolve the light and therefore reduces the focus of the light. Ellis says that, in most states, if the headlights are cloudy and not having clarity light, you are sure to fail the safety inspection.

Repair Oxidized Cloudy Headlights Using a Headlight Cleaner

After regularly using your car, gradually, our car headlights become cloudy because of oxidation. This oxidation makes the headlights of your car dim and that can be dangerous when you are driving at night. However, there are several methods to restore your car headlights and the headlight cleaner is one of the prominent methods that can help you remove the fogginess in the car headlights.

Before you start cleaning your car headlights, the first step is, cover the surrounding of the headlight with masking tape to protect the paint. Take a small amount of toothpaste and a wet and soft cloth, and move your hand in a circular motion on the headlight. If needed, add more toothpaste, make sure that the toothpaste does not spread on the surrounding paint near the headlights. Once the headlight looks clear, then wash the headlight and remove all the remaining toothpaste, and dry it with a dry cloth or a paper towel. Now, apply polish or wax to close the plastic. Also, you can use lens repair kit to clean your car headlights.

Use Glass Cleaning Solution to Fix your Car Cloudy Headlights:

Step 1: The first step is, find if the damage happened to the headlight is on the inside or outside. If it is inside, you may observe moisture inside, and you need to take out the cover and clean the moisture. However, before going to perform this step, first try using “Headlight Deoxidizer” that will save a lot of time, why because, sometimes you don’t need to go through all these steps as they may not be necessary as it depends on the oxidation or damage of your car headlight lenses. Sometimes, for some headlights demand more repair and for some replacing the headlight will be the best option.

Step 2: Clean the headlight lens using the glass cleaning solution such as Windex if you feel that the cloudiness is on the outside of the headlight. Also, you can use a diluted degreaser to clean the car headlight

Step 3: To restore the oxidized cloudy headlight use plastic polish or car polish that are available in the market. Follow the direction provided on the polish bottle, and make sure not to apply to the surrounding parts of the headlight, also do not apply the polish in sunlight. If the polish spread on the rubberized plastic parts, then it forms a white layer that is not easy to remove so apply it carefully.

Step 4: Use a rotational buffer to simplify the process and get quick and better results. To make your car headlight look clear and not cloudy for a longer time, then seal it with silicone sealer or car wax.

You can also clean the oxidized cloudy headlight with lens repair kit. It is an easy-to-use kit that is available in any auto-store. The kit includes sandpaper, tape, directions, and lens polish. Cover the surrounding of the headlight with painting tape or masking to protect the car paint. Avoid using duct tape, as it can easily lift the paint off or ruin your car.

Clean the Headlight Lens

To clean the cloudy headlight, you can use sandpaper, but sandpaper can make scratches on the car lens. If the lens contains heavy scratches and becomes yellowish, then you must use a stronger and rougher-grit like 600-grit sandpaper. If the car headlight lens is very light discoloration, then use 2500-grit, you can use any of these sandpapers, but before that wet the sandpaper in a mug or a bucket of soapy water.

Now, take a cloth and wet it with a degreaser or commercial plastic lens cleaner. It is advisable to wet the cloth instead of spraying the cleaner on the headlight, to avoid the spray getting on to the paint. Take another towel and wash the headlight with soapy water.

Dip the wet clothes in a compound premeditated for plastic or plastic polish and apply it evenly on the headlight completely. Get a soft hand pad or a sanding sponge and rub the plastic with sandpaper. Dip the sandpaper in the soapy water and clean the lens to remove the polish remains. Repeat the process whenever the headlight gets foggy or cloudy.

Apply UV Sealant

It can help you restore headlight lens and protects from UV rays. With the sandpaper, you will also remove the protective layers on the headlight that is initially applied to it, and if you do not replace that protective shield, then soon the headlight will get cloudy again. Some of these brand products like Lenz solution and Sylvania assure extended protection.

Car Headlights are important not only for midnight drives but misty afternoons and rainy days as well. However, over time, the car headlights get foggy and cloudy and gradually they plastic changes into yellow color as your car constantly get exposed to UV light on a daily basis. However, there are various solvents, pasts and exclusive car polishes designed to restore the foggy headlights available in the market, but you can also use some of the best household products to restore your car headlights without soaring your purse.

The household products like dish shop, baking soda, vinegar bugs spray, toothpaste, dish soap and salt and denatured alcohol can help you restore the cloudy car headlights effortlessly and the best part is it does not cost you much. All these home remedies are perfect options to clear the cloudy headlight, but all these products offer only temporary results. If you are looking for a permanent solution for your cloudy car headlights, then you should look for professional help. The experienced on-site mechanic can offer a permanent solution and he can restore the cloudy headlights with a new set for safety.

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