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Mobile Mechanic Services Growing Rapidly in the Raleigh-Durham Area

Every industry has experienced unprecedented growth of on-demand services. From satellite television to streaming networks, multipurpose apps for hiring different contractors to mobile mechanic services, there has been a tectonic shift in how people hire professionals or technicians for the entire plethora of their needs. Equipped with smart phones, people nowadays prefer to download and use apps that facilitate real time bookings and scheduling appointments. Residents in the Triangle are not just getting their foods delivered to their homes and offices. They are also hiring roofers, plumbers, electricians and mobile mechanics using apps and mobile & traditional websites. The auto repair industry has responded to the changing preferences of car owners with mobile mechanic services and the outcome has been fascinating for everyone.

The Auto Repair Industry in Numbers

Presently, there are over a quarter of a million businesses operating in the auto repairing industry across the country. These businesses have a collective workforce of more than half a million professionals. According to the latest data available, the nationwide auto repair industry generated sixty four billion dollars in revenue last year. The industry has been growing at two and a half percent for the last five years. It is poised to grow at a similar rate for the next three to five years. This growth rate is being fuelled primarily by an increase in the number of cars and other vehicles on the road. In the last eight to ten years, the total number of automobiles on the roads across the country has increased by more than seventeen percent. This count is only going to increase as people become more mobile and more families choose to have multiple cars.

The Growth of Mobile Mechanic Services in the Triangle Area

Not too long ago, dealership repairs used to account for a majority of all kinds of auto services, primarily aftermarket repairs, maintenance and upgrades. This reality has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Today, dealership repairs account for just around one fourth of all aftermarket auto services, including repairs and routine maintenance, upgrades and substantial overhaul. The decline of the popularity of dealership repairs has come at a time when mobile mechanic services have been recording rapid growth in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Full Suite of Mobile Mechanic Services

One of the primary reasons why mobile mechanic services have witnessed such phenomenal growth is the availability of all necessary solutions to common problems. Mobile mechanic services or onsite auto repair is not an invention of this century. It predates smart phones and mobile apps. Roadside assistance has a long history. However, the assistance was limited to responses and emergency services. Most cars or vehicles had to be towed to the dealer or auto repair workshop to fix the problems. That is no longer the case today. Mobile mechanic services are actually delivered onsite and they can be anything you need. You may require new tires, your car may need a full wash, you may need to refill the tank or you may have to go for a full service, including everything from oil change to a new battery. All such services are available onsite, wherever you are in Raleigh and Durham.

Convenience is Definitely the Key

The most obvious reason or cause of the growth of mobile mechanic services is convenience. There is a reason why people prefer their pizzas to be delivered at their home or office. Most people can drive out to their nearest favorite pizzeria but they would rather have the pizza delivered at their address or wherever they are to save time, to avert the effort needed to drive to and fro, to continue doing what they are doing and just to be comfortable at their home or office while the meal is delivered hot and as good as it can get. For ages, auto repair has been an unavoidable chore. Not all families have more than one car, not everyone has immediate access to public transport, cabs can be expensive for relatively longer rides, going to a dealership store or unbranded auto repair shop takes time and most people have been compelled to take time off or to spend a few hours over their weekend to attend to the needs of their car.

Mobile mechanic services change all that in a blink. No one has to take time off. No one has to spend a few hours on a weekend, when that time can be for some fun and some rest. No one needs to be without their car for a day or two because the job gets done then and there. One can continue to work at their office on a weekday, one can continue to attend to their personal needs on a weekend or one can party anywhere in Raleigh or Durham while their car gets cleaned, maintained, fixed or upgraded onsite. People don’t always have much spare time. Most people are also accustomed to having everything in their control, at the disposal of a few taps, swipes or clicks. This is the contemporary way of doing things and especially for the young, who would rather look for a mobile mechanic online, receive a quote, accept it and pay for it online, so the technician can drive over to where they are to get the job done.

Mobile Mechanic Services aren’t Necessarily Expensive

There are some instances when mobile mechanic services can be more expensive than traditional auto repair. There can be a premium because a technician needs to drive to an address, with the mobile infrastructure, get only one job done and then return or drive to another address, which may or may not be nearby. Some onsite auto repair services also have a policy of charging more because they do not wish to compromise their brick and mortar presence. However, there are mobile mechanic services that actually turn out to be more affordable than conventional auto repairs. This is owing to the availability of online discounts. Also, mobile mechanic services do not have a massive overhead cost and unused infrastructure, as is the case with conventional auto repair.

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