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Land Rover Sales Continue to Break Records Despite Their Small Size

The Jaguar Land Rover, the small size car is trying to compete with the best and bigger cars. The NYIAS (New York International Auto Show) held in last week, and Joe Eberhardt attended the show with his colleagues along with other former colleagues from other car companies. The CEO and the president of Jaguar Land Rover of North America have managed record sales in the year 2016 and 2017. However, the Jaguar sales have dropped in 2018, but the Land Rover sales continued to break the records, continuing overall sales along with the British Brands.

The RRV (Range Rover Velar) has won the WCD (World Car Design) of the Year award for 2018 World Car Award at the NY car show. Last year in 2017, the Jaguar F-Pace won the same award. This year, JLR also introduced three new automobiles in the U.S that includes the limited-version Range Rover SV Coupe, The outstanding Jaguar F-Pace SVR, and the Jaguar I-Pace battery-electric SUV. The company launched the debuts at the new headquarters in North America near Mahwah, New Jersey.

The Company also reported it is planning a business with Waymo to provide 20,000 I-Paces that will be raised as robot-taxis in the next 6-years as a self-driving division under the Alphabet Inc, a Google parent company. Eberhardt said in an interview at the NY show that the partnership between the Jaguar and Waymo might have surprised a lot of people.

Also, Eberhardt praises JLR’s current success through strong product and pioneering design and defeating the competitors with its battery-electric SU and protecting the Waymo deal and taking the competition to the higher level with its relatively small size car compared to competitors larger luxury cars and facing the challenge is truly appreciable. Eberhardt also said, that “we can be quicker.” The Eberhard served as executive positions at Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz before joining JLR in the year 2013.

He also said that the JLR ‘smaller size cars also ready to take up the challenges, and he said, “If you designed autonomous or Powertrain vehicle technology, then you need to pay back more than a larger volume. He said, other big brands sell three million cars and we are quarter or a fifth of that sale. Sometimes they are part of the bigger group and have ten million cars they can pay back it over. He also added that we can take bold decisions and offer a product and the consumer experience that permit them to charge premium charges for being unique and being first.

He shows I-Pace as an example, as it is the first battery-electric luxury SU available in the market. He said the I-Pace was a brave decision and he added that he just met some of his old friends from other car companies at the show, who said to him, “You people are ahead of everyone else.” That was a huge stake that will surely pay off and the announcement of the Waymo is in the similar category.
He said that the business started when JLR first contacted Waymo to find about its self-driving technology and figured out that they have a common interest and requirements, and they were thinking about collaboration and it happened immediately.

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